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Our company is engaged in SEO in the crypto industry with only highly specialized specialists focused on results. Your main goal is to increase leads, sales, or referrals for your cryptocurrency-related website? Then Crypto SEO is the only method to boost your crypto project.

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Why crypto-businesses need SEO

Crypto SEO allows for promoting crypto projects, taking into account the peculiarities of this industry. Namely problems with legalization in some countries, decentralization of crypto-business, and mistrust of new crypto-startups from potential participants. Properly built SEO for crypto will allow promoting business without promises to “hit the jackpot” but by competently familiarizing with the risks, proving that the project is worthwhile. The most successful projects in the industry are considered exchangers and crypto exchanges, but there are new directions. For example, these are NFT marketplaces. It does not matter the geography of the business. SEO is the only effective tool to promote a crypto business. The use of relevant high-frequency queries, the collection of semantics, their proper design in the text filling of websites, and the accumulation of link mass you can get great results. Crypto SEO may be necessary for these types of businesses:


With the help of SEO, it is possible to attract more customers, increase profits and stabilize income.


They allow buying cryptocurrencies online, and with the help of cryptocurrency links created by experts, the site will stand out among competitors and can count on high conversions.

Blockchain projects and services

The source of earnings of such projects is the interest from the sale/purchase of crypto and asset storage. The main goal of SEO in such a business is to increase the number of users willing to invest in it.

E-commerce using blockchain technology

The SEO helps find loyal customers ready to build a commercial relationship with the company.

Informational Resources

SEO specialists help create valuable content in the crypto industry and optimize existing concepts to satisfy the target audience.


Thanks to the ability to adjust to business goals, SEO will be effective for both new projects and long-standing platforms.


Competent SEO promotion is the only way to beat the competition in the NFT industry.

SEO optimization steps for
crypto projects

Crypto SEO services is aimed at one thing – attracting users. It can be achieved by optimizing content. But the competition in this industry is too great. So a carefully selected combination of different services, which will help to achieve the growth of traffic for any business, is necessary.
That’s why specialists use a comprehensive approach to SEO promotion of crypto projects – through auditing, testing, and creating targeted links.

The site and niche analysis


High-quality SEO for crypto is only possible with an analysis of the site and the niche in which it operates. The study is carried out to ensure that the area falls into the recommendations of Google and the target audience sees it. It is necessary to evaluate the URL, select strategies to improve the site’s ranking, and perform optimization of traffic to the web pages.
High competition in the niche is also an indicator of crypto SEO services. Specialists will tell you how to develop in a given direction, bypassing direct competitors – they will suggest a strategy and bring it to life.



Crypto SEO agency deals with content because the task of the content of each project is to attract users, partners, and other interested parties. Creating cryptocurrency has its characteristics – it is necessary to know the market, catch trends, understand foreign languages, and understand the principles of decentralization. Ordinary copywriting is not enough. It will be required to select keywords and filter many queries to assemble an effective cluster. They should not only provide information but also unobtrusively motivate. Only specialists can achieve the desired effect.

Link Building


SEO for cryptocurrency implies forming a link between the client site and the sites of similar projects that evoke the trust of the target audience. Such an approach ensures that even a new project is taken seriously, increasing its value in the eyes of the search engine. When Google’s ranking goes up, a site’s traffic increases. External SEO is just as important as internal one because a professionally designed link profile increases a platform’s ranking, allowing it to attract end users faster and more effectively.

Technical Seo


Blockchain SEO is complex because Google ranks pages based on 200 criteria. For a page to be found, it is necessary to pick up keywords and analyze the URL structure, implement markup, and relay information. But without keyword-optimized content, there is no chance for successful ranking. The agency’s professionals undergo constant advanced training in creating technical SEO, working directly with developers, so the process is effective.



Crypto SEO company helps make sure that the site converts valuable traffic. If there is traffic, but the site can not convert correctly, the efforts made will be ineffective, and SEO promotion will not work. A professional team not only attracts organic traffic but makes adjustments to track its effectiveness by analyzing each service from the product launch. The client receives a report on the results, based on which he can implement changes in his development strategy.

Fintech Law Firm (NDA)

The domain is two months old. The link profile is empty (no donor domains). Pages are not optimised. Weak SERM and unoptimized Google My Business.
The main objective – to reach the top 1 in six months.

Site is optimised for EEAT. Redirect clean drop-domain to main site. Building PBN thematic grid. Smooth and quality link growth (placing links on thematic sites for quality parameters). Continuous improvement of the content. Work on SERMs.


Thanks to the right SEO strategy, the website is in the top 1 of Google Organic for the keywords promoted after 4 months. > 2000 new users per month and 86 target clients per month steadily.

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Trading Platform (NDA)

Conducted keyword analysis and competitor research. Quality and targeted content was written to attract the target audience and match search queries. A quality external link strategy was developed using techniques such as guest posting, affiliate agreements and industry directories + domain ageing.

Conducted keyword analysis and competitor research. Quality and targeted content was written to attract the target audience and match search queries. A quality external link strategy was developed using techniques such as guest posting, affiliate agreements and industry directories + domain ageing.


A significant increase in organic traffic was already obtained after 1 year. The maximum peak was 57,000 users per month. This led to an increase in leads and overall site visibility. Then there was a reorientation of destinations, which led to a decrease in traffic. The site is now starting to gain momentum again in new directions.

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Advantages of our crypto SEO agency

Effective strategies

Using data from client sites to create original SEO strategies is necessary. In addition, it is worth considering the platform’s critical parameters, the services’ characteristics, and the direction the business should develop.

Experience and a strong team

The specialists working on your projects have extensive experience in the crypto and SEO industries. As a result, the agency has dozens of completed projects and many awards and recognition from clients.

Original tools

The agency has a set of practical tools for SEO solutions. In addition, new techniques are constantly being sought, which should help even faster find cost-effective ways to implement crypto-concepts.

A comprehensive approach

We have specialists for any job that the project may need. All SEO processes take place within the agency, which speeds up the task. Professionals can perform even complex tasks and are constantly communicating with each other.


The agency is entirely open to its clients. The report indicates what the costs were for the tasks’ execution. There are no hidden fees, unnecessary services, and fraud, only the transaction’s honesty, and transparency.

Frequently Asked Question is a Top crypto SEO agency. This direction is a relative novelty in the crypto market, so naturally, clients may have questions. We have tried to give answers to the most relevant ones.
Why should your cryptocurrency company take care of SEO?
SEO promotion is necessary because the crypto market is actively developing, and even excellent crypto projects can get lost in the constant stream of novelties. The agency allows you to bring your product to the first places in search engines, and content optimization with the help of a blockchain SEO agency will help to deliver the message to the target audience.
How long does it take to promote a crypto campaign in Google Organic?
Each order is different, so working on a project can take a different amount of time. On average, the work process lasts about six months. However, if a long promotion is needed, the campaign can last more than a year.
What are the guarantees regarding organic traffic and positions?
We guarantee that the project will be promoted and the traffic will grow. Experts also provide a guarantee for the predictability of the promotion result based on the project’s analysis and the niche in which it operates. Therefore, the agency guarantees to do everything possible to ensure that the project leads in traffic and positions. Still, it is impossible to promise first place in the rankings because the Google algorithm decides this.
What is the difference between Coin tokens and Power tokens?
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